Great Cats of India

Featuring some of the most incredible large cats of the World, the Great Cat Safaris from Enchanted India take you an a journey of exploration to wilderness areas where you fulfill your lifetime ambition of seeing these great cats. Tigers, Lions, Leopards and the Snow Leopard – India offers a chance to see the most famous of the Great Cats of the World. Each has a different aura and character, each offers a different experience and each lives in completely different environs.
The incredible power of the tiger, the stately majesty of the Asiatic Lion, the feline grace of the leopard and the mystique of the Snow Leopard have to be experienced personally to understand what makes these animals inspire the awe that they do. At Enchanted India, we celebrate the beauty and magnificence of these incredible animals and invite you to join us on a journey of discovery.
All our trips are designed to be not only an introduction to the cats, they also focus on increasing awareness of the issues of the long term survival of these species and ensure that local communities benefit by your visit increasing their support for the conservation of the cats.
Our panel of internationally recognized experts include some of the best wildlife photographers, conservationists and wildlife biologists in India and offer for the first time a Safari that covers all four of the Great Cats of India. We also offer specialized trips that focus on every one of the individual cats.
Come join us on a journey of a lifetime – experience the magic of Wild India.