Bird photography at the Sattal Studio

Sattal is probably the best birdwatching spot in Kumaon, Uttarakhand. Sattal lies in the Lower Himalayan range near Nainital. Its at a height of 1370 Mts. Birdwatching in the Sattal region has always given us the best of the himalayan birds. The area around the lakes, the famous Sattal studio, Chanfi, the open meadows all make Sattal a very preferred spot. Also its connectivity to Delhi (7hrs by road) or an overnight train journey are to its advantage.
We offer some spectacular opportunities for bird photographers in Sattal. Our hides are among the best in terms of diversity of birds that visit it. Our hides also make a great place to see and observe the birds in close quarters. We recommend a stay of at least 5 days in Sattal. From Sattal there are extensions possible to Pangot and Corbett National Park.
Our talented bird guides will show you Sattal like you have never seen before. Our guides are local from the area and know exactly where what birds are being seen. Winter migrants, summer breeders, residents: Sattal is great from September to May