Birdwatching tours with the experts.

Bird tours in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Nikhil Devasar, founder of Enchanted India and its subsidiary, Bird Tours India, is an internationally recognized expert on Ornithology and bird photography in India. He has authored 11 Books including Birds of India, Spirit of the Tiger, Birds of the Doon valley and Bird Atlas of Delhi. Nikhil is also the founder of delhibird.

In 2000 Nikhil decided that there was a great need for a company that specialized in Birding Holidays in India and could customize itineraries for both serious bird watchers and photographers. He formed Enchanted India. At Enchanted India, we excel at helping you maximize the chances of watching and photographing Bird Species in the Indian Sub-continent for an exceptional vacation. Come and enjoy a birdwatching holiday with Enchanted India.

We ask that you contact us and either select one of our special trips with a pre-planned itinerary or tell us about what you would like to do. One of our expert bird specialists will then work with you to design a personalized unique itinerary and refine it with you to ensure that it includes all of the experiences that constitute your ideal holiday.

Come with us on a journey across Enchanted India. Experience India’s incredible landscapes and have special encounters with a few of her 1314 bird species.